Security Camera Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

A security camera installation for your home can help you keep watch over your loved ones and property from the inside and outside. Curious which benefits the installation of security cameras can bring about? Let’s run through them now. The most important aspect of home security cameras is their potential to deter criminals and vandalism.  The presence of well-positioned camera can do a lot to prevent your home from being a target. study of incarcerated burglars at the University of North Carolina showed that appearance of increased security, like having outdoor surveillance cameras, were factors at play when burglars are selecting their next target.

Next, we have other applications such as pet and baby monitors. A professional security camera install with facial recognition at your front door can even send a push notification to your phone saying, “James is at the front door,” this way you can rest assured knowing your child is home. Some cameras also allow for two-way audio on indoor cameras, acting as an intercom system, allowing you to see and talk to your family when you are away. Each home and family is unique, which is why we take a customized approach to building a professional security camera installation that fits your needs.  Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

● Indoor / Outdoor / Vandal-proof

● 2K & 4K HD Video

● Real Time Alerts

● Remote App & No Monthly Fees

● Motion Detection & Night Vision

● Custom Packages

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High quality, high definition security camera installations and solutions to fit your needs and budget. Using our preferred supplier networks, our team works closely with you to implement the best strategy for your surveillence camera install. By using our extensive knowledge as a trusted security camera installer, along with our proven track record, we’re able to provide you with customized and efficient solutions. Schedule your security camera installation or consultation with us today to learn more.

Commercial Security Camera Installation  in Pittsburgh, PA

Running a business requires paying attention to a lot of details. How you manage every facet of your operations is important to your success, and so is how you manage your physical facility and property. One thing you should not have to worry about is keeping your business and employees safe.  Monitoring employees, your customers and approved contractors when they enter your building is how smart business owners stay profitable and keep their teams safe. Whether you need live monitoring or recorded video backups, we can assist you with the solution thats right for you. We can also help you to manage the door locks and multiple locations or sites from one comprehensive hub. Unlock doors remotely if someone forgot their keys or misplaced their access badge.  Grant access to contractors when you’re off-site. The sky is the limit and Red Spark Technology helps our commercial clients set schedules for their contractors, deliveries or visitors with security camera installation and software. Contact us today to learn more!


● 24/7 Recording (No Monthly Fees)

● Motion Detection, IR & Color Night Vision

● Indoor / Outdoor / Vandal-proof / Weatherproof

● Remote Monitoring for Mobile & Desktop

● Multiple Location Monitoring

● PTZ Cameras & Custom Packages


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