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Home Automation in Pittsburgh done right. Smart homes are the way of the future when it comes to how we use technology in our lives and is brought to you by the ever-advancing world of IoT (Internet of Things), IoT offers the ability to provide remote or internet connectivity to devices and things we use everyday. Some of the most common uses for home automation in Pittsburgh is to attain energy savings, enable smart access, provide remote security monitoring, smart lighting, HVAC Control, damage prevention and more. Home Automation products also enable us the ability to save time, money and ensure peace of mind. Smart Home Technology may sound like expensive and complex tech that only the IT gurus can understand, but that’s not the case. You can trust Red Spark to help you create a customized solution to fit your needs without breaking the bank.

What type of benefits can a contractor provide with home automation in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region? That’s a great question because in our geographic area we experience a wide range of weather and elements that affect your energy consumption and habits. These can include things like your home’s lighting setup, connected electronic devices like computers and tablets, smart home appliances, energy efficient windows, and even your entrance doors. When we’re talking home automation systems in Pittsburgh we’re looking at how you control devices, providing you with the capability to turn your house “on or off” using a smart device, motion detection, or a simple voice command. As an expert home theater installer and surveillance camera installer we can also connect these functions to your smart home configuration, too. 

● Custom DIY Security Systems

● Smart Lighting

● Monitor Temperature & Energy Use

● Water Leak Sensors

● Smart Door Locks

● Smart Thermostats

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As a comprehensive provider of home automation, smart home, and IoT services, Red Spark can create customized solutions to fit any space or need. By using smart connected devices, we can provide you with simplicity and sustainability for years to come. Home Automation in Pittsburgh just got simple. Call to schedule your consultation today.

Commercial Automation & IoT Solutions in Pittsburgh, PA


Red Spark is an expert surveillance camera installer and offers a variety of services aimed at helping your commercial or office space stay ahead of the technology curve. The Internet of Things (IoT) can offer any size business the ability to implement cost-saving solutions by using devices that can set you and your business free. These solutions focus on providing remote or internet connectivity to systems and things we use everyday. By using these connected devices, we’re able to automate, monitor, and secure your business, smarter and faster. This enables you to save time, money, and to have much better oversight of your operations, keeping you in charge. IoT & Smart Building technology may sound like expensive and complex tech that only the largest organizations can afford, but that isn’t true. You can trust our team to help you understand what your options are and to create a customized solution to fit your needs when it comes to Automation.

Video & Web Conferencing

● Custom Security Systems

● Climate & Energy Monitoring

● Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices

● Smart Lighting

● Smart Thermostats

● Smart Door Locks


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